Beyond Images, 2023
Exhibition at the Catalan Board of Architects
Barcelona, Spain

Organization: Catalan Board of Architects (COAC), Agrupació Joves Arquitectes de Catalunya (AJAC), Open Centre for Architecture

Curatorial Team: Laura Solsona, Marina Povedano, Arnau Pascual, Eduard Fernàndez

Photography: Pol Masip

The "Cabinet of Curiosities" or "Wunderkammer" was an intellectual concept in Renaissance and Baroque Europe, showcasing diverse natural and colonial artifacts. Emerging during the Enlightenment, these collections aimed to display the wealth of European empires. The exhibition "Beyond Images" reimagines the 2023 AJAC Awards as architectural curiosities, presenting them as narratives revealing the complexities of projects.

These narratives go beyond disciplinary conventions, exploring environmental, economic, political, and ethical aspects of architectural projects. The exhibition constructs five cohesive narratives, from craftmanship projects to circular economies, the relevance of childhood in architectural production, uncommon design processes, or the memories shaping both built and dreamed projects.

Participants: AMOO, André del Rio i Jordi Olivella, andrea+joan arquitectes, Arjub, Arquitectura de Contacte, Atienza Maure, Bajet Giramé, Cristina Muñoz i Nicolás Martínez, estudi biga, Gerard Romeu, HIHA Studio, Javier Gavín, Länk arquitectes, Maria Aucejo, OJO estudio, Rubén Casquero, Taller 11, Taller Loci.

The exhibition was open to the public at COAC from 5th to 16th October as part of the the 1st Young Architecture Biennial of Catalonia.