Learning from the Grid
M.Arch Advanced Studies (Studio Leader)
MADA Monash University, Melbourne

Elective coordinator: Jacqui Alexander
Studio Leader

I. On the Grid

The map of a city is a formal representation but also an extraordinary synthetic expression of its dynamics, conflicts, aims and frustrations. Each city is represented as a unique scenario in which geography, water courses, mountain ranges, folds and plains, coastlines... are combined. They are all conditions of the territory that have influenced the way the city was originally planned and lately developed. 
II. The Contemporary Street

The city is not a blank canvas, but rather a continuos project. This is, a series of layers that have been settled over time and become the evidence of the history and the culture of the place. 

III. The City block-by-block

Lastly, this phase interrogates the most basic urban element: the block. Observing and interrogating one block along a street might give a more accurate critical point of view on how Melbourne can be reinterpreted by looking at Barcelona and the other way around.